b'6th Basketball Yr7 8 basketball teamBASKETBALLNorth Birmingham BasketballFinal League Tables 2022-23AT HGS Year 7/8 League Played Won Lost PointsThe Basketball club continues to be a popular and well-attended club everyAston Manor 5 5 0 15Thursday after school, with between 30 and 50 boys of all ages practisingHandsworth GS 4 3 1 9and improving their techniques and skills. It is wonderful to see players fromKE Aston 4 2 2 6Year 7 playing alongside those from Years 12 and 13, and learning fromPrince Albert 4 1 3 3their older schoolmates. There is a terrific atmosphere at the club, and everyHolte 3 1 2 3player is welcome. Broadway 2 1 1 3We have two teams that play in the North Birmingham Schools League, andKing Solomon 4 0 4 0the sixth-form team who play friendly fixtures. This year our Year 7/8 teamYear 9/10/11 Leaguefinished second in their league, and the Year 9/10/11 team also finishedPlayed Won Lost Pointssecond after playing their fixtures. Our sixth-form team were unbeaten in theirBroadway 5 3 2 9short season. Handsworth GS 3 2 1 6My thanks to Mr Norman King, Head of Computing and Multimedia, who hasKing Solomon 2 1 1 3assisted at matches, and also to Mr Griffiths, Head of PE for all of his supportAston Manor 1 1 0 3with the club. St Pauls 1 1 0 3Mr Conway Holte 2 0 2 0HOMECOMING KINGHaving played basketball on both sides of the Atlantic, including attending high school and university in the United States via an athletic scholarship, I felt compelled to pay forward the remarkable opportunities that the sport of basketball had provided to me during my formative years. Consequently, I decided to join the 40,000 applicants and be one of Birminghams 13,000 Commonwealth Games volunteers and be a small part of making its legacyThe Games for everyoneattainable.3 x 3 basketball was making its inaugural appearance at the1 with the England Commonwealth Games. This fast-paced, outdoor format of the gameteam at the end of a is played using one hoop, half-court, three players per side, onepractice session.substitute, and a twelve-second shot clock. Each match lasts for a maximum of ten minutes, with the team in the lead being the winner orIt was a fitting finale the first team to score 21 points. to a remarkable competition to see My role as a basketball field-of-play team member enabled me to haveEngland Mens one of the best seats in the arena. Throughout my week I covered allBasketball team win the gold things courtside: from ensuring that each team had access to warm- medal for the very first time, with Birmingham-up facilities prior to each match, to liaising with the match officials andborn team captain Myles Hesson scoring the winning TV/media teams, making sure that each game started at the officialbasket in a dramatic overtime victory against Australia 1716.time, and issuing the game ball at the start of each match.I look forward to volunteering again in the near future and perhaps you I immensely enjoyed a rewarding and fulfilling seven days as amight just see me again courtside at the Olympics in Paris in 2024.volunteer and my highlights included my frequent conversations with the Kenyan and Sri Lankan players as they practised for thirty minutesMr Kingeach day, and taking part in the team-building exercise Helium Stick 34'