b'THE FINAL FRONTIER!One of the best days on the trip the NASA Johnson Space Centre! Rockets! We saw replicas of the Apollo mission control console, samples of real Moon rock and other rockets. A tour of the NASA buildings included a stop at a training site for the astronauts and a replica of the International Space Station. The the Apollo building. A massive building that housed a real rocketthe Saturn V! A full-sized rocket that should have been launched before funding ran out for the project. It was crazy! I visited the gift shop where I spent a crazy $97 on a variety of things!THURSDAY JUST TWO MORE DAYS!After a game of football at school, which we won of course, we headed down to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and learnt a lot about dinosaurs, machinery, Egypt, and animals. All of the exhibits were interesting to read about! After we left the museum, we made our way to the tram station to head into Houston and walked through the city to the Discovery Centre. We discovered a park, some swings and ice creambefore catching the bus back to the hotel.We headed back out later to get some tacos and TAKING FLIGHT nachos which ended the sixth day!Today we went to the Lone Star Flight Museum. We learned what is needed to fly a plane before trying out the simulator which was very cool, and I did not crash once Afterwards, we had a tour of the different aircraft before heading to another hangar to perform some aerodynamic games. A stop at the US military base right next to the museum rounded off our final trip. Thanks to our driver forWHAT A the week, Major Hawn, who had served in the US military, we were granted access and got a tour of a live US militaryFANTASTIC base. We explored the shop at the military base, which had the best clothing I have ever seena grenade holder andTRIP!!!an American flag bucket hat.On our final evening we were treated to a real American football game! We watched the Bush and Clements High Schools play each other; they had marching bands, military members and cheerleaders at the game! It is a very confusing sport but I got the idea towards the end. During half time, hundreds of cheerleaders, dancers and band members performed on the field while the players got ready for the second half. After the game, we said a final goodbye to our American friends, Major Hawn and Mrs McMahon after thanking them for an amazing week. We went to McDonalds and had some crazy-sized portions before going back to the hotel to pack our stuff!23'