b'Badr RiazRayhaan HussainF riday morning F riday afternoonOn Friday morning we woke up quiteDuring the afternoon Mr Jones walked early, at around six. We all felt a little tiredwith us for about thirty minutes to the and it was also quite cold. We packedfirst checkpoint. From there, our group up our sleeping bags and tents. After wehad been left to climb some hills. We had all packed our things, Nathan mademet one of the DofE leaders, who gave us breakfast of biscuits, croissants andus an easier route which went around a smoothie. It was very yummy! Afterthe main Clent Hill. This route, however, our very early morning, we set off formade us scale some of the hills, and we our long trek. Firstly, we went through awent past many farms and animals. We forest which was very muddy and sticky.almost got lost again; however, one of It was quite hard to walk as it was alsothe leaders was behind us for a while and very steep and we kept sliding down.led us to a path. We met another group Some people in our group even usedmidway through the rest of our journey a wooden stick to get a grip. Then weand decided to partner up together. One walked through a very grassy area andof the leaders then led both of our groups spotted a small castle, which looked verythrough the forest to the main road. It took old. When we had reached the end of theus some time and we were all desperate footpath one of our peers started limping,to go home but eventually we made it meaning that he couldnt take the routeto Hagley rail station. This would be an that was coming up and we had to go allexpedition that we would never forget!the way back to make sure he could carry on with us and we took a much straighter route. After a while we realised we were going the wrong way. We had a tracker on our bag, so a little later one of the DofE instructors came and helped us find the right way. We ended up taking more of an extended route but in the end we made it!25'