b'CUP SPORTSGLORY!Round 1We started our Aston Cup campaign with an away fixture against George Dixon Academy. With stakes high for this game we were prepared to do anything. A slow start cost us a goal, but before half time we got a goal back. Building the momentum, we finished the first half having found our form and won the game 4-2.Quarter-finalsAfter a great start to the season, we were drawn against King Edwards Aston. This was a team we had never played before, so we did not know what to expect. The pitch was like concrete covered in carpet and was very hard and slippery. To add to the problems, it was raining too. After a long match of slipping and sliding we were able to salvage a quite comfortable win of 7-3. The boys played excellently in these conditions. It was also a nice way to end our last match with Mr Gallagher. To thank him for his work, the team were able to gift him a custom Manchester United shirt.Semi-finalThe big day had arrived. If we won, it would be back-to-back Aston Cup Finals. The pitch again was very poor. We were playing 11 a side on a 7-a-side pitch. This didnt bother us at all though. We all knew we had to use our great technical ability to move the ball around on this small pitch. A good start in the first half with a two-goal advantage allowed us to relax. The second half was also another good performance, but the opponents Broadway were able to capitalise on mistakes and take advantage of the small pitch. In the end we got a 6-2 win which put us into the final. It was also a great win to show our new coach Mr DArcy what we can do.FinalIt was time. The Cup Final day was here. We were focused and ready. An extra-long warm-up had us begin the match on fire. A perfect start gave us a two-goal lead very early in, which we kept until near the end of the second half. We had switched off, and conceded a silly goal. We knew we couldnt keep our heads down. We reminded ourselves about who we were and kept on striving. The game ended as a 3-2 win for HGS, making us Aston Cup winners for the second year in a row.Arijus Ahmadian30'