b'I really want to see AI as an exciting opportunity where I never have to come up with an exemplar answer ever again. But Ive seen too many end-of-the-world movies where AI has become a life force and is very angry with us poor human beings. Martin Lewis also said in his latest podcast that, in America, AI can replicate the voices of people and fraudsters are using it to phone parents to pretend that their children are asking for money. Maybe someone will use the technology so that the elderly can receive phone calls and have someone to talk to if they are alone.Im keeping my fingers crossed.Ms MarshallChatbots in our classroomsAt some time humans invented some basic tools and weapons to help themTechnology continues to evolve forage and hunt for food. Years later those basic weapons have been developedat a remarkable pace. This is so much that billions of people and animals have been killed by them. what makes teaching Computer At another time humans invented engines that created endless opportunities forScience so interesting, enjoyable travel and industry. Years later those basic engines have developed so much thatand relevant.we have hideously polluted and damaged our own planet. Chatbots are yet another example I see AI like most innovations that have been invented by man. We will beof technological advancements. seduced by the possibilities that this new technology will provide the human race,Knowledge-based systems, neural and then it will ultimately fall foul of a minority of wealthy and powerful people/ networks, deep and machine organisations that will misuse it in order to gain more wealth and power and it willlearning were the precursors to end up causing huge problems further down the line. the latest advancements in the Mr Kafai sphere of artificial intelligence.Indeed, just like guardrails are required before we can safely see autonomous self-driving Is artificial intelligence anexcitingcars navigate our busy roads, comprehensive guardrails must opportunityor adangerous threat? be implemented before the deployment of larger language model (LLM) chatbots.My trial with the Google Bard AIHowever, a cautionary tale comesResearch conducted by BCS, experiment gives me an optimisticfrom Professor Stuart Russell of thethe chartered institute for IT, with response when prompted if AI is anDepartment of Computer Science at theits Computing at School (CAS) exciting opportunity for the educationUniversity of California, who has advisednetwork of teachers, found that profession. AI cannot replace the humanDowning Street and the White House62% of teachers said chatbots touch that is essential for effectivethat AI could be like an alien invasion,like ChatGPT will make it harder to teaching, nor can it provide the same levelciting the example of a world wheremark students work fairly.of individualised attention and supportan artificial intelligence that a human teacher can, and it cannotplatform is asked toI am nevertheless optimistic foster the same level of creativity andsolve climate changeand envisage that chatbots like critical thinking that a teacher consistentlyand consequentlyChatGPT and Bard may become provides. As I write this article, mydecides thaton demand individualised mobile pings with a notification that AIthe best way ofclassroom assistants. In addition, has discovered a new superbug-killingreaching net zerothese Open AI technologies will antibiotic for Acinetobacter baumannii,is to rid the earthbe able to offer many efficiency one of the most problematic species ofof people. benefits to our classrooms in their bacteria and identified as a critical threatMr Hawkins role as supplementary, supportive by the World Health Organisationa verytools to further enhance teaching positive day for the AIand learning.digital creators. Mr King63'