b'FLIGHT: GATE: FLIGHT: GATE: MRS SAGOO1862 161 1862 161 Name:@MrsSagooPsychologyName: 05 Twitter name: MRS WARD Psychology is the study of FLIGHT: GATE: Twitter name:individuals within society and GATE: 1862 161 I am fascinated by ithence I 161 @singingmrsward love to learn and teach about it all day. I actually graduated with a double joint honours degree in Psychology and 04 Sociology. I love walking with my grey Staffie, Bruno, who loves to be outdoors, and is also partial to chewing shoes! Im originally from Kent, the Garden of England! Profile: music teacher; choir director; opera singer;Charles Dickens lived just down foodie; home cook. the road from me (a good few hundred years before my I have been teaching music in Birmingham sincetime though) and I grew up just round the corner from the 2005. I love helping students and anyone interested inlocation of the workhouse where Oliver Twist was set (it developing a love and appreciation of music. I also lovehad been turned into a maternity hospital by that point). cooking, baking, playing board games and spending timeI went to Fort Pitt Grammar School which was originally walking in the countryside with my family including oura fort back in the Napoleonic Wars. Ill leave you with this crazy dog, Falkor. blockbuster of a psychology joke Why was Pavlovs hair so soft? Because he conditioned it!FLIGHT: GATE: Im Wolverhampton born and bred and an ardent 1862 161 FLIGHT: GATE: MS CUTLERsupporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers. I deliberately 1862 Name: bought my house because its walking distance from 161 the Molineuxthis is not at all sad! But I do have lots of other interests that make me who I am: obviously, as an English teacher, reading, theatre and film. I have 06 directed a number of musicals in Twitter name:my time, though I wouldnt ever @ArtGeek want to be on stage myself. Some of my former students are now performing, including the actress who plays Yennefer in The Witcher and a cast member in the touring Loves all things Art andcompany of Titanic the Musical. being creative. Cat mom toI have two tom cats called Stan Willow and a 10-year-oldand Sid who are very greedy daughter obsessed withand, occasionally, like to catch Pokmon. Tattoos andrats and bring them home as crochet are my currentpresents. Ive known Miss favourite things to haveBrown since 1997, so its great and do. to add a little something to her magazine. Name:MS MARSHALL GATE: Twitter name: FLIGHT: 161 @QueenWolvesGATE: 1862FLIGHT: 16118620751'