b'BRASS WORKSHOPS Part of the vision of the music departmentlots of heavy and expensive instruments, is to increase the numbers of studentsthe boys all used pBuzz instruments. studying an instrument in school. As part ofThese introductory instruments allow our drive to achieve this, the Head of Brassgroups of beginners to learn how to for Birmingham Music Service delivered aproduce a sound on a brass-like instrument series of workshops to allow our boys to trywithout the need for the real thing. It was an different brass instruments. To facilitate thisenjoyable series of workshops that resulted opportunity to a large number of students,in a small number of Year 7 students and to avoid the challenge of bringing indeciding to study a brass instrument.Instrumental2022-2023 Music Exam ResultsProgressBen Marra Grade 1 Merit PianoEveningManveer Ghatora Grade 2 Merit PianoForty students performed toAmitoj Saggu Grade 2 Pass Pianoa near full Big School at ourAmaan Nazir Grade 2 Merit Classical Guitarannual Instrumental ProgressAmitoj Saggu Grade 2 Merit PianoEvening. The concert is aimed at students who are in their earlyJoe Marra Grade 2 Merit Classical Guitaryears of studying an instrument. The vast majority of the boys were in YearsArjun Sond Grade 2 Distinction Classical Guitar7 and 8 with a couple from Years 9 and 10. Our beautiful new Bechstein piano was heard for the firstHardev Manku Grade 2 Pass Violintime in a school concert and was beautifully played byHrithikGrade 2 Pass ViolinAyaan Pirani, Darren Lounguedy, Matthew Fenwick, Enzo Lee, Stanley Todd, Adam Cunningham and JerrenAbel Shane Grade 2 Merit ViolinOkyere-Darko. It was also the first opportunity for parents to see the new stained-glass window, and theKieran Hay Grade 2 Pass Classical Guitarnewly cleaned stained-glass window from 1922, in Big School. Kaden Gabbidon Grade 2Pass Classical GuitarWe enjoyed solo performances from Rajan DhuparManveer Ghatora Grade 2Merit Pianoand Raman Hayr (dhol), Ziona Paulson (flute), Hritik Bansal, Nicholas Bob, Abel Shane and Hardev MankuJoshua Tran Grade 3 Merit Flute(violin), Arjun Sond and Kieran Hay (classical guitar),Angus Huang Grade 3 Distinction Classical Guitarand Tiziano Pasqualini (saxophone). Our Year 7 Guitar Ensemble, Junior Guitar Ensemble, String EnsembleHardev Manku Grade 4 Distinction Pianoand Woodwind Ensemble delivered a number of items in a range of different styles, including easternReeyan Iqbal Music Medal Copper SaxophoneEuropean folk tunes and music by the film composer John Williams. Well done to the boys who performedDylan Bamford Music Medal Copper Saxophonethat night and a big thank you to all the teachers who work so hard with them.36'